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Romantasy Sleepcasts

Why, er... Why sleepcasts??

There was a period of time recently where these were kind of a life saver. I couldn't sleep without them, and I sort of couldn't even just sit in silence without them. Since they're kind of hard to chase down without an existing subscription, I started thinking it would be nice if there were some really low stakes fantasy ones with romantasy vibes (instead of Harry Potter themed, like most of the freebies are). And so then I had to make them or they'd plague me forever.

Since I'm possibly the only target audience for this, do let me know if you want more! I have a couple I want to make, but once they're out of my system I'll gauge it on interest if I keep going. So let me know what you enjoy, and feel free to rec ideas too!

Is there spice in them? Nope. It's not that I won't narrate high spice—I have and do—but sleepcasts are meant to be cozy and kind of twee, so that you don't get excited and you can fall asleep. They're really just 10-15 minutes of soft descriptions and vibes.

I've enabled download on Soundcloud, so you should be able to download the track via the little arrow in the top right. Give the widget a sec to load if it isn't visible below.


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