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My Demon Bound

A Paranormal Romance series set in the shared world of the Dremen Demons

MY DEMON BOUND is a series of spicy shorts and novellas following the witches of Dremen Academy and their soulbound demons. Read on as the witches unlock the four gates, have some steamy fun, and set the stage for the shared world exploring the myth of the long-lost succubi.

Each book in the My Demon Bound series has a new heroine and should make sense without reading in order. But for a more holistic reading experience, series plot details will fall into place better when the series is read from start to finish.


Infernal Fate
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I'd waited my whole life for my demon to arrive. Our bond would awaken my magic, tying us together and giving us power unlike any a witch like me could imagine on her own.

Then I met Alaztair. He's arrogant, fierce, and so damn beautiful it hurts to look at him.

But our bond is... wrong. And he won't trust me enough to tell me how we can fix it. I'll be the first witch kicked out of the academy in two centuries. All because he's an asshole.

Then I found out what he feeds on. What he needs from me.

What I need from him.

Oh, God, it's too wicked...

...isn't it?


Warning: Infernal Fate is a paranormal romance with graphic descriptions of intimacy and potentially triggering sexual situations. Intended for mature readers.

Lock and Portal FOR AMAZON.jpg

Lock & Portal

I hit the jackpot on Summoning Day and got bonded to a joy demon, so I should be on top of the world, right?
Then someone please explain to me why I'm at the bottom of this pit in hell.
Daerek was supposed to be my saving grace. My lucky charm. He's a demon who feeds on happiness, so he wants nothing more than to bring me joy... what more could a girl want?
Except that means I can't trust him, because everything he does is a lie to sate his own hunger.
But even stuck down here, hunting a key that keeps disappearing with a demon who only pretends to care about me... there's no one I'd rather be trapped with. Because sometimes when he looks at me, I forget it's all fake.
Sometimes, I want to forget.
Man, joy demons are the worst.

Warning: Lock & Portal is a paranormal romance novella (approx 25k words) with graphic descriptions of intimacy and potentially triggering sexual situations. Intended for mature readers.

Heart and Soul FOR AMAZON.jpg

Heart & Soul

Witches aren’t meant to have power of our own; our magic comes from demons and the bond we share with them. Power without a source is unnatural, dangerous.
I never wanted this magic.
This magic wants to take, to consume… I’d do anything to get rid of it, or at least control it. But nothing works, and on top of all that, now I’m stuck back in the past while a faceless threat looms over both me and my stubborn demon.
Oh, and did I mention Aeden apparently hates me?
My power wants to take. After everything that’s happened, maybe I should let it.

Heart & Soul is a paranormal romance novella (approx 30k words) with graphic descriptions of intimacy and potentially triggering sexual situations. Intended for mature readers.

Rite and Fire FOR AMAZON.jpg

Rite & Fire

I dreamed of my demon long before I met him. It's just a shame the dream turned out to be a lie.

Everything about Dremen Academy has turned out to be a lie. My childhood best friend is a traitor asshole; my bonded demon, Mikael, couldn't give less of a shit if I live or die; and now I'm locked up in some evil spell that wants to kill me. The chosen method of death? Trapping me in dreams and nightmares, like I chased a white rabbit down one too many rabbit holes.

Everyone wants something from me.

They all want me to break down.

Sorry to disappoint, but breaking down isn't in my vocabulary. I'm going to haul my ass out of this mess with or without help. The only question is: will I do it like a witch, or will the hidden power that lies dormant in my veins win the fight?

Just like everyone else, this power wants something from me. Desire. Dreams. Mikael. But maybe it knows something I don't, because Mikael has begun to look at me like he dreams of me, too. If this power is what I think it is, it would know.

The succubus in me has been asleep for a long time. I think she's finally waking up.

Rite & Fire is a paranormal romance novella (approx 35k words) with graphic descriptions of intimacy and potentially triggering situations, particularly with regard to blood magic. Read responsibly. Intended for mature readers, 18+.

FOR AMAZON Dreams and Desires cover.jpg

Dreams & Desires

I’ve always been the witch who couldn’t cast a spell to save her life, I just didn’t think that was supposed to be taken literally.

It’s not only my life in danger either—my friends, our demons, and the entire community of the succubi are all relying on me to end this spell once and for all, before the final gate to their prison is sealed shut for good. But I swear the succubi have been keeping secrets, and before I can save their asses, I need answers.

Of course, my arrogant, seductive fear demon doesn’t want answers; he only wants me. It’s a distraction I can’t afford, especially when I go and make things worse by getting us possessed by the ghosts of our past lives.

These ghosts have secrets, too. If I thought the dangerous desire building between me and Alaztair was bad, now it’s doubled. Quadrupled.

If we give in to the desire burning between us, my succubus powers will activate, and it’s game over: the final gate seals shut forever. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

And with Viola’s ghost riding me hard, carrying a centuries’ old desire for her demon that’s never been fulfilled, I’m beginning to forget why I should bother.

Dreams & Desires is a paranormal romance novella (approx 30k words) with graphic descriptions of intimacy and potentially triggering sexual situations including dubious consent regarding the sex pollen trope and ghost possession. It concludes the My Demon Bound novella series, and while each book has a different heroine, it will make most sense when read in order. Intended for mature readers.

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