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Who is Jade, and when does she update?

Welcome! Thanks for checking out my corner of this gorgeous book community.


I'm a paranormal romance and reverse harem author who loves writing about tempting, swoon-worthy demons and the (equally swoon-worthy) women who steal their hearts.

More than just the romance, I especially love to create worlds that mix together gritty urban aesthetics with surreal, dream-like magic. Add an eclectic mixture of philosophy and sass on top, and I'm in writing heaven.

As a head's up, my process involves long amounts of time spent in the writing cave, and long amounts of time spent analyzing what was produced in the writing cave before releasing it to the wild. I often forget to exist in public. So sometimes it might look like I've vanished, but then you'll get three books dropping at once. That's just how it goes, friends.

If my stories sound like your idea of a good time, you can check out my links above and connect with me in my Facebook group, email list, or over on Instagram.


DMs and emails are always answered, or you can say my name three times in the mirror and I'll appear to compliment your hair. It looks amazing btw.

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