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Who is Jade, and when does she update?

The easiest way to answer that is: Jade is a cryptid.

She definitely exists, but sometimes you wonder... The truth of it is, my process involves long amounts of time spent in the writing cave, and long amounts of time spent analyzing what was produced in the writing cave before releasing it to the wild. I often forget to exist in public.

It makes schedules hard. I don't like to tell you something is coming until I know it is, and I don't like to share tidbits until I know they're right. As we reached the end of 2020 and all the unique stress it entailed, I thought to myself: how can I explain this to my readers in a way that makes them know I'm not disappearing any time soon, but sometimes it might look like I'm gone. Right before three new books appear in a row.

Then I thought well, shit Jade. Just tell them.

So there you have it. Tl;dr: I write paranormal worlds filled with sex, demons, power, hints of darkness, and rich history. News and exclusive teasers always go to my mailing list (signup below!), and schedules update here when they're firmed up and ready to rock.

Thanks for sticking around. DMs and emails are always answered, or you can say my name three times in the mirror and I'll appear to compliment your hair. It looks amazing btw.

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