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The shared world of the Dremen Demons

Choose your adventure: Paranormal romance or Reverse Harem

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Delicious demons, magical worlds, and steamy romps...

Jade's books are set in a shared paranormal world of demons, shifters, and ancient war.

Sometimes those books are reverse harem, sometimes they aren't, but even though the worlds are shared you can always follow along the world plot in your preferred genre on its own. Life is too short to read a genre you don't vibe with just for backstory.

Jade's Books on Amazon

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My Demon Bound

Paranormal romance Series

(One True Love)

MY DEMON BOUND is a series of spicy shorts and novellas following the witches of Dremen Academy and their soulbound demons. Read on as the witches unlock the four gates, have some steamy fun, and set the stage for the shared world exploring the myth of the long-lost succubi.

Hellcat Escaping final.jpg

Hell's Fire Burning

Reverse Harem Series

What has three crowns, a bad attitude, and a debt to pay?

This series of reverse harem novels has:

Demons with bad attitudes

A tortured Hellsoul with a worse attitude

Heaven & Hell up in arms

Soulbonds, enemies-to-lovers, and steamy, emotional sex

Viper's Fate - FINAL.jpg

Viper's Fate

Reverse Harem Standalone

Paranormal Reverse Harem (Standalone)


Fated mates

Slasher film vibes

ABO dynamics

Multi-shifter harem (snake, dragon, tiger, wolf)

MM swordcrossing

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