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Hell's Fire Burning

A Reverse Harem series set in the shared world of the Dremen Demons

HELL'S FIRE BURNING is a series of full-length reverse harem novels set in a world of shared lore and history that was introduced in the My Demon Bound series. Demons, hellsouls, and political battles abound... along with a ton of steamy, sexy fun and angst.

Hell's Fire Burning and My Demon Bound can be read in any order, but do not need to be read together at all in order to understand the lore of each.

Hellcat Escaping

I’ve been in Hell so long, I don’t remember who I was before this. How did I die? What did I do to deserve the worst torture this place has to offer?
Just kidding—I don’t give a crap. Whatever I did, no one deserves this; it’s time to get out of here. The only problem is, my escape is thwarted by three spoiled demon princes begging to go topside. And now Lucifer, the Devil himself, has stuck his unfairly attractive nose in.
Lucifer promises I can work off some of my debt by guarding these three troublesome princes and keeping them out of mischief. My princes have other plans—beginning and ending with my personal hell on earth, since that’s apparently all a feral soul like me deserves.
I’ll show you what I deserve.
Saddle up, boys. You’re riding with me, now.

Hellcat Escaping final.jpg

Hellcat Fighting

I thought that once I knew the secrets of my past, I’d be free, but the truth haunts me now more than ever. And I don’t even have the time to brood about it, because we pissed off the Devil, and all of Hell is out for our blood.
At least I’m not alone anymore. Those three demon princes I was meant to guard? Turns out we’re linked to each other, body and soul. The golden cord connecting us is stronger than ever, binding us with its ethereal light. Dax, Marek, and Colton; three fierce champions by my side.
If only my past didn’t haunt them, too.
In some ways, we have everything we ever wanted. Freedom. Power. Wicked hot sex. We have it all—just not in the way we wanted it.
But I’ll be damned if we go down without a fight. I’ve got a stash of soul weapons, three demons with shady connections, and a chip on my shoulder the size of Los Angeles. We’ll take this city until it falls.
And then we’ll take Hell down, too.

AMAZON COVER Hellcat Fighting.jpg

Hellcat Ascending

It’s funny the way life works; one minute you’re in Hell, next you’re ruling over a city you don’t want while the Devil hunts you down, and then, suddenly, you’re in Heaven.
Or maybe that’s just me.
The fun doesn’t end here, though. Not content to bring down one world with his egomaniac shit, Ronin has decided to bring Heaven, Hell, and even the realm of Death down with him.
But there’s something Ronin doesn’t know. I’m not the trapped, helpless hellsoul he once tortured… I’m learning things about myself that I never imagined—not just about my past, but about my future, too.
I’ve spent long enough confused. I’ve played their games. I’ve fallen for their traps. Shit, I’ve made some fresh traps of my own, inspired by their lies.
Now, I’m hauling myself out of this pit, once and for all. And I’m taking my demons with me.

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