Delicious demons, powerful witches, and steamy magic.

Jade Bones, paranormal romance writer

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Jade Bones is a paranormal romance writer who loves writing about delicious demons, magical worlds, and steamy romps. Sometimes those books are reverse harem, sometimes they aren't, but even though the worlds are shared you can always follow along the world plot in your preferred genre on its own. Life is too short to read a genre you don't vibe with just for backstory.
When she isn't writing, you can find her drinking tea, cuddling her dog, or taking tarot far too seriously.

What has three crowns, a bad attitude, and a debt to pay?

Coming August 10th 2021

The heat is rising with these three demon princes and the tortured hellsoul guarding them 🔥 But if 2020 has taught me anything, it's that running full speed ahead is a great opportunity for someone to throw a rock in your way. I'm kidding. Sort of.

Real talk: it's taught me you've got to look after yourself.

So, instead of my usual style of writing fast and releasing fast without stopping, I decided to get the next few books ready before I released the first. It meant our tortured hellsoul Catrina didn't see the light of day for a couple months later than I had planned, but that moment has finally arrived, and you can rest easy knowing the rest of her story is coming close behind, no last-minute changes. No setbacks.

...No poor author falling in a heap on the ground because she made bad decisions and life threw a rock in her way...

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Aeden has three rules:
Protect their bond
Look but don't touch
Never trust her

Heart & Soul, My Demon Bound II


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