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More, More, More

What does it say about me that even knowing the level of destruction and pain she wreaked on earth, I’m still drawn to her like a moth to a flame?

Aaahhh, I love a good plan coming together. If you're watching my IG stories, you'll have seen the chaos of teasing apart the first book of the Hell's Fire Burning trilogy. If you missed it, here's a mini cap:

...and it scrolls for another third.

BUT. Everything has been shuffled, new arcs have been finalized, and oh man I'm so excited for this. It works so much better as three books, and now I get to put all this delicious emotional actualization in there for each of the characters. So I'm basically just frothing to get these finished.

The quote at the top is from Dax, and he's just been given a little extra depth and backstory that wouldn't have been possible with the smaller word count 🙌 So I'm going to run away and get more words out now, and I hope that next month I'll be able to share something from My Demon Bound III 😈

x Jade

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